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Henry Iddon

Henry Iddon

“My name is Henry, I am an addict.” There you go, I’ve said it.

There are some places that are well known for road cycling in the Alps, largely because they are relevant to the Grand Tours of France or Italy. Alpes Duez, Galibier, Stelvio, Gavia to name four. Switzerland doesn’t have a ’grand tour’ so it’s mountain passes aren’t maybe as well known, but it does have a national tour in the Tour de Suisse, that started in 1933 so has some fine heritage.

Thursday, 15 August 2019 09:03

Albert and being Sustainable.

What connects a tiny patch of snow in Scotland to a Blackpool pub and landslides in the Alps? Henry Iddon pulls the threads together in a guest Editorial on sustainability.

In 2018 I visited the Cairngorms to write and photograph a feature for the British Mountaineering Council’s ‘Summit’ magazine. The piece was about using eMTBs to access the steep skiing at the end of long corries in Scotland, the added power of the bikes negating the more inefficient standard issue mountain bike or a long walk.

Autumn, when the light begins to fade earlier and a chill starts to fill the air. Not only the lowering of the temperature but that chilling feeling that summer is gone and all you’re left with is the memories of dusty trails, evening rides and the need for sun cream.

It seems that no trip report or gear review is complete these days without some GoPro footage, so we asked one of the UK's top photographers, Henry Iddon, to put the latest, all-singing, all-dancing offering from Kodak to the test.

The last time I visited Switzerland was Gstaad in early February, snow on the ground and low cloud raging in the valley.

The UCI Mountain Bike circus rolled in to Lenzerehide, Switzerland over the weekend of 8th and 9th of July and together with Swiss Tourism we sent renowned photographer Henry Iddon to take in the thrills and spills of a World Cup weekend.