July 22, 2020

New documentary release: How a Polish ski mountaineer re-wrote history on K2

K2: The Impossible Descent – A new feature-length documentary on Red Bull TV (release July 22) reveals what happened behind the scenes of Polish ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel’s world-first mission.
December 07, 2018

Brit Rock Film Tour

The Brit Rock Film Tour is one of the highlights of the UK winter film and festival season; distinctly different from the classic festival offerings it features new climbing films…
November 21, 2017

Film Review: Magnetic Mountains

The story of a climber who takes a big fall in the Alps and his fight to return to the climb that almost killed him it said. Oh Great, you…
November 21, 2017

Film Review: Bonington - Mountaineer

To sum up your life in just one minute for each year is pushing the limits of precis, but to achieve it for a life as significant and headline grabbing…
November 17, 2017

Q&A with the Magnetic Mountains Team

In the early part of 2016 a Kickstarter campaign started that peaked a lot of interest, especially mine. Here at My Outdoors we even tried to do our bit to…
October 19, 2017

Film review: Alan Hinkes – by Terry Abraham

To give it's full title Alan Hinkes – the First Briton to Climb the World’s Highest Mountains, is the latest production from multi-award winning film maker Terry Abraham.
April 02, 2016

Magnetic Mountains Kickstarter Campaign

Magnetic Mountains is an independent documentary that follows the story of an everyman, who after falling from an Alpine north face, is struggling to find a balance.