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New lightweight, vegan action boot from Freet Barefoot

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Freet Barefoot is excited to announce the launch of its new lightweight, vegan “Kidepo” action boot.

Made from re-cycled coffee grounds waste, Kidepo is stripped back, unlined and mid-height. Great for everyday in town and also the trail, whether desert or more local. And great for our precious planet’s resources too!

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The Kidepo is named after the Kidepo River valley in the Karamjoa region of Uganda in Africa where Freet Barefoot founders and owners, Sarah and Andrew Jackson, tested out the original designs.

The couple wanted to develop a lightweight bootee that keeps feet cool, and also prevents small stones, grit and dust from entering. Where better to test it than trekking through Africa?

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Sarah found her Kidepos (initially developed in the Yorkshire Dales)  invaluable on the trip.  She says: “The Kidepos stayed cool, even in hot weather. I was able to walk straight through water while the mesh kept out uncomfortable stones and dust  Even better – the boots dried quickly and easily.”

The Kidepo FlyKnit upper is made from 100% recycled coffee grounds for amazing performance whether you are running, hiking, in the gym or wearing for casual all day wear.

The Kidepo comes in coffee brown colour with a conventional brown lace.  It has a MultiGrip performance outsole for light trail, pavement grip and durability and can be worn with or without socks.  In wetter, colder conditions you can wear with the Freet waterproof sock (sold separately). To clean, simply hand wash with lukewarm water and mild detergent. Air dry.

On the unique benefits of “Barefoot” footwear, Andrew says: “We spend most of our lives in shoes with our feet unable to flex and move naturally. Our barefoot shoes have ‘less shoe’ in them. Deliberately. But we combine the best materials, components, and design to make your experience the best balance we can between natural movement and fitness for the job you’re on – whether hurtling along a hill trail or practising yoga.

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“Freet barefoot shoes help you move a little more like nature intended - in leisure, work, sport, or at home. All our styles are light and flexible, roomy to allow toes to spread, have no heels and allow feeling from the ground – all to achieve the same “barefoot-like” result.  Our mission is to allow feet to operate naturally whilst we go about all our activities. Free your feet from the confines of unyielding shoes and boots!”

For more information about Freet Barefoot and the new Kidepo, please visit or

The Kidepo retails for £90 but if you sign up to the Freet newsletter on the website you get 10% off your first order.