Wednesday, 13 January 2021 15:02

Polartec announces first full collection with iconic snowboard brand Burton

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Polartec®, the premium provider of innovative and sustainable textile solutions, announces the release of the first full collection with longtime partner Burton, the iconic snowboarding brand.

In celebration of the film, One World, Burton and Polartec® have created a unique product line with recycled materials.

For over 40 years, Burton products, athletes and founders have continually defined and evolved what it means to be a snowboarder. As that culture continues to evolve, Burton is reasserting its commitment to the fundamental values of snowboarding through the most credible medium, a team video. One World connects riders both old and new, celebrating a worldwide, cross-cultural connection shared through a love of snowboarding, a respect for our environment, and a desire to discover what’s next.

For decades, Polartec has worked with Burton to provide fabric technologies for Burton’s most premium products. As part of One World, Burton and Polartec® have created a unique product collection with recycled Polartec fabrics, including new award-winning Polartec® Power Air™.

Seen as the next generation of fleece, Power Air is a high-performance technology constructed to prevent the shedding of microfibers without compromising on functionality. The innovative fabric is light, stretchy, and highly durable with enhanced thermal efficiency and longevity.

Burton Insulator

The capsule will consist of eight pieces:

Available at, this is the first launch of the year for Polartec®, kicking off its year-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of Polartec®. Further announcements will be promoted throughout 2021.