Wednesday, 24 June 2020 10:26

Montane Ambassador to continue Cross-Continental Mountain Challenge in the Wake of COVID-19

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A solo endurance runner and Montane ambassador, Jenny Tough is set to embark on the final leg of her cross-continental mountain challenge despite the outbreak of COVID-19.

Based in Edinburgh, Tough specialises in fast and light expeditions with vast experience in running, trekking, cycling, skiing, paddling, and sailing across the globe. Tough’s current challenge has seen her run unsupported on mountain ranges on every continent.

Starting in Asia in 2016, the final two expeditions will see the native Canadian return to tackle the Rocky Mountains before completing her challenge in Europe’s Caucasus Mountains. Her solo adventure hasn’t come without challenges, from the entire expedition being put on pause due to the COVID-19 outbreak to cycling up to 1000km to her start and finishing points in the Rockies.


Tough has worked with the endurance sports brand Montane since 2017, with Montane providing Tough with the clothing and equipment necessary to help to push beyond her limits.

Tough said: “The completion of my cross-continental mountain challenge has been long in the making, and though the COVID-19 outbreak has delayed me slightly, I can’t wait to get back up into the mountains and enjoy finishing what I started.

The support that Montane have given me during this challenge has been great, with their innovative equipment allowing me to focus and push myself that little bit further.”

Matt Hickman, Montane’s Marketing Manager commented: “We are always welcoming new challenges from our Montane ambassadors to help us develop new technologies and the best equipment to allow them to embrace the Further, Faster ethos we’ve set out.

From the very beginning, Jenny has been one of our most ambitious and determined ambassadors and her cross-continental mountain challenge is a perfect example of that. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, it hasn’t withered her spirit and we’re looking forward to being with her every step of the way as she concludes her epic journey.”

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