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Europe’s largest privately-owned hostel chain announce ‘Bike Plus’ initiative 

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As the world continues to re-open to tourism, cycling is gaining popularity once again as a zero-emission mode of transport to explore a city.

In light of this, Europe’s largest privately-owned hostel chain a&o has announced its new ‘Bike Plus’ initiative to make cycling holidays more accessible and affordable than ever. This initiative allows guests to conveniently and safely store their bicycles in their a&o hostel room for only five Euros per bike per night. a&o’s initiative to make it easier for people to cycle whilst travelling aligns with its goal to be Europe's "zero-emission hostel chain" by 2025.  

To celebrate this launch, a&o has selected five of the best cities in Europe for cycling. Please see the curated list of cities below for information on their routes, destination traffic light status, and nearest a&o hostel.  

 1. Amsterdam, Netherlands | a&o Amsterdam Zuidoost 

callum parker ClzrGdUNfXc unsplash

Photo: © Callum Parker 

Being home to more bikes than people, this amber list city is the ultimate cycling destination. Hopping on a bicycle is the ideal way to explore Amsterdam, as there are over 515 kilometres of cycle lanes that stretch throughout the capital. From tours of the countryside to coasting along the canals, this city offers incredible views all around. Tourists can enjoy the surplus of bike-friendly infrastructure by weaving through the gorgeous streets of the Jordaan district and Nine Streets shopping area. Take advantage of a&o’s new Bike Plus initiative in Amsterdam by booking a stay here: Rates cost from €17.82 / £15.17 per person per night. 

2. Berlin, Germany | a&o Berlin Mitte 

anthony reungere sjUufQqEnHI unsplashPhoto: © Anthony Reunger

This green list capital has one of the highest rates of bicycle commuting in the world. Beyond the massive cycling population, Berlin also boasts incredible bike-friendly infrastructure that stretches over 620 kilometres. Tourists can view iconic sites such as the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, and the Tiergarten, all while enjoying the scenic beauty of Germany along the way. Take advantage of a&o’s new Bike Plus initiative in Berlin by booking a stay here:  Rates cost from €32.37 / £27.55 per person per night.  

3. Prague, Czech Republic | a&o Prague Rhea 

ian kelsall r 99s0uBXEs unsplashPhoto: © Ian Kelsall

Cycling has recently gained popularity in this amber list destination, slowly becoming a hub for both leisure and utility cyclists as more bike lanes are being created all the time. Prague offers unparalleled architectural and natural views, including sunset hills, romantic alleyways, and the Vltava river. Due to the cobbled streets and hilly landscape, however, Prague is better suited for more experienced cyclists. Take advantage of a&o’s new Bike Plus initiative in this city by booking a stay here: Rates cost from €9.82 / £8.35 per person per night.  

4. Budapest, Hungary | a&o Budapest City 

kate kasiutich qnUg1rdnUlk unsplashPhoto: © Kate Kasiutich

Another must-visit cycling destination is the amber list city of Budapest. Tours of the capital take cyclists to incredible trails along the Danube River, local cityscape and neighbouring mountains. The city’s diverse and rich geography allows tourists to experience a wide range of terrains, making it perfect for cyclists of all skill levels. Additionally, the capital is currently developing its bike-friendly infrastructure even more for further convenience. Take advantage of a&o’s new Bike Plus initiative in Budapest by booking a stay here: Rates cost from €18.54 / £15.78 per person per night.  

5. Hamburg, Germany | a&o Hamburg Reeperbahn 

meduana PdnseHuDFZU unsplashPhoto: © Meduana Pdnse 

This green list city is ideal for tourists who love biking near water. Popular Hamburg routes navigate the scenic Alster lake, Elbe river, and marshes of Altes Land. There are also many trails that course through the city centre, allowing cyclists to immerse themselves in the local culture. With a large network of bike lanes, 150 bike rental stations, and plenty of open space, this German destination is as convenient as it is beautiful. Take advantage of a&o’s new Bike Plus initiative in Hamburg by booking your stay here: Rates cost from €32.67 / £27.80 per person per night.