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Everest with World Bicycle Relief and RGT Cycling

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 RGT Cycling, the free to use virtual cycling platform will launch a 31 day challenge in partnership with Everesting.CC and World Bicycle Relief. Starting on December 1st 2020 the event challenges aspiring pioneers to rise up and climb the cumulative altitude of the mighty 8,448m (29,029ft) Mount Everest, spreading their attempt over 31 days.

Pioneers must also fundraise for the charity World Bicycle Relief to have their ascent validated and will unlock a limited edition, exclusive digital vEveresting Jersey and a commemorative certificate. Riders who complete the challenge in a single ride will additionally earn their place in the Everesting.CC hall of fame.
RGT Cycling is now one of only two virtual platforms (the other being ZWIFT) to be fully endorsed for official attempts by the custodians of the Everesting concept, Everesting.CC. In the interest of offering a more accessible challenge, RGT Cycling will encourage participants to climb the equivalent height of Mount Everest across multiple rides.

Therefore, any ride on RGT Cycling during December will be added to a pioneer's elevation gain, spreading the effort and enabling a new breed of Everesting pioneers to summit the cumulative altitude Mount Everest.
Everesting challenge attempts may make use of RGT's Real Roads such as Mont Ventoux and the Stelvio Pass and any road in the world using RGT's unique Magic Road feature.
World Bicycle Relief Global CEO Dave Neiswander said, 'We are delighted that RGT have chosen to partner with World Bicycle Relief for this event. Along with the Everesting team, they believe in the Power of Bicycles to create change in the lives of people around the world. We're excited to see everyone's efforts in tackling this challenge, and I want to say a heartfelt thank you for each and every participant in helping raise awareness of our mission'.

RGT Cycling's Head of Brand and Marketing James Vickers, said, 'accomplishing an Everesting attempt is incredibly impressive. It does however require a huge amount of training and preparation which is beyond the reach of many riders. Along with World Bicycle Relief, we're keen to make cycling accessible to all so it's exciting to be able to introduce our new 31 day Everesting challenge, in association with Everesting.CC'.

Everesting.CC's Founder Andy van Bergen, said, 'Our vision has always been to encourage and inspire riders to push the boundaries of what they personally believe is possible. Tackling a monumental challenge like Everesting requires the right drive, and nothing could be more motivating than assisting in creating change in people's lives. We couldn't be more proud of this partnership with RGT and World Bicycle Relief'.

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